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Upcoming Production:

The Nutcracker Doll 

A modern take on a beloved holiday classic that goes beyond the boundaries of gender and identity

December 20 – 23, 2016


Clara’s dream in the Nutcracker Doll is a journey of exploration of gender identity experiences through realms of colorful divertissements and adventures, where she gains awareness and personal spiritual growth. When Clara awakens and realizes nothing has changed except herself, she sees beauty everywhere, feels empowered and at peace. Xing guides the audience through Clara’s journey using a choreographed fusion of dance styles, ranging from Asian movement to contemporary characterized by fluid forms and shapes, to classical ballet that is interpreted by traditional positions and forms.

“Local Nutcracker Production Celebrates Racial Diversity”

Diane Peters
The Annex Cleaner

2017/2018 Season Productions


“The Sequel of the Gate”

April, 2017

The Nutcracker Doll

“Holiday Classic with a Twist”

December, 2017

The Seasons

“Different Colours in the Flow”

April, 2018

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Keybi Guan

Publicity Director

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