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Farewell My Concubine

Toronto premier of Xing Bang Fu’s” Farewell my Concubine” will be presented at the Betty Oliphant Theatre on April 16, Saturday.

Fu’s “Farewell” is based on the life story of Mei Lang Fang, the most renown Peking Opera singer in the 20C, who has a reputation beyond the ancient country’s border. In addition to the stylish singing, his ability to portray historical female roles impressed audiences of both the east and the west. “Farewell my Concubine” was one of Mei’s signature pieces which revolutionized Peking Opera as theatre. This title was again made known to another generation in 1993 by Chan Kaige’s movie on how an actor and his art were tested during historical turmoil.

Fu’s version was shown in a workshop performance last July. The full length will have a cast of 25 dancers. His fusion of west and east choreography will bring this fascinating artist’s story to the Toronto stage in a new light.