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Simon-Sylvain Lalonde
Executive Director, XDT

I am honored to hold the mantle of the Executive Director of the Xing Dance Theatre for the past three decades. During the journey, we have been recognized and celebrated within and outside of Toronto . We have engaged with a multitude of collaborators and strategic partners in the local, national and international level.

As we march toward celebrating the milestone of attaining our 30th anniversary, we are uniquely positioned to continue in building for the future. We strive to offer works that are enriching as well as entertaining to diverse audiences of every age and cultural background. We are proud to further aid in advancing the incredibly rich and varying dance forms of our community.

In 2016 and beyond, XDT will continue to be a catalyst as well as a participant that will seek strategic alliances with different creative forces to encourage and support the presentations of new projects. We will continue to offer workshops and produce performances that will assist in finding and maintaining extraordinary talents, support artists and their creative forms of expressions.

I would like to extend my gratitude to our partners, sponsors, volunteers, to our corporate and individual supporters who enable us to realize our vision to continue our good work.

Simon Sylvain Lalonde
Executive Director, XDT

The Xing Dance Theatre was established in 1986 by Chinese Canadian choreographer Xing Bang Fu and French Canadian Simon Sylvain Lalonde. Based in Toronto, Xing Dance Theatre has been mounting unique, creative works that are renowned for a characteristic fusion of Classical Ballet, Contemporary and Asian dance and has created numerous critically acclaimed original productions such as The Gate (2016), White (2008), Ink (2006-7), Love Project (2005), Farewell my Concubine (2004), Rice (2003), Yellow River (2003), Dream of the Red Chamber (2002), Divas of Ancient China (2001) and Butterfly Lovers (1998).

Xing Dance Theatre 452 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1A1

Direction: Northwest coner between Bathurst street and College street