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Keybi Guan

Publicity Coordinator

Keybi Guan is a public relation strategist, a professional trained public communication coach and an uprising artistic performer. He speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

As a Publicity Coordinator, he develops and implements strategic plans for media interaction as well as manages a public relations team. He is responsible to increase awareness of Xing Dance Theatre. He outreaches to News media, establishes and monitors different social media channels, like developing the company website and updating Facebook platform, produces promotional related materials like editing the production trailers and making the post-production videos. 

Guan has a strong theatrical performing background. He is an uprising performer at Xing Dance Theatre. Guan loves to perform in original performing art productions. He has performed in shows such as in The Gate (2016), River and Mountain (2014) and Fragments – Frames, Remnants, Shards (2014) and Black Comedy (2012). As a performer, he also appeared in the CTV News television commercial  ‘Clock’s Promo’ (Bell Media Agency).

Guan earned his master of education degree in adult education and community development from University of Toronto with a concentration of study in workplace learning and social change. He earned his honour bachelor degree in drama and media from Queen’s University.