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Xing Bang Fu

Artistic Director & Choreographer

Born in China in the city of Guangzhou, Xing Bang Fu began his training in 1973 at The Guangzhou Singing and Dancing Company. He was trained in Beijing Opera, Chinese Ballet, Chinese Folk Dances, and Martial Arts. He then attended Beijing Ballet Institute; while he trained there, he assisted with various choreographies and acted as a dance instructor. In 1982 he went to the School of the Washington Ballet where he performed as a soloist. He toured China, Japan, Singapore and Europe.

Xing’s choreograph had won a variety of awards. His choreograph of the production Return on a Snowy Night (2010) awarded the Best Production of the Year in 2010 at the Chinese National Cultral Award that he became the first ballet and comtemporary choreographer to lead a team winning this award. In addition, in 2015, Xing’s choreograph of the production Dance (2015) also won the National Award in the category of Contemporary Dance. 

Xing has explored the fusion of Oriental and Western dance styles in his original pieces. He creatively integrates Ballet, Contemporary dance and Asian movement and into his own unique choreographic style. This fusion allows him to focus a dancer’s emotional energy into precise and controlled movements. In Xing’s pieces the smallest movements have power and meaning. Xing’s brings an element of theatre to the world of dance, which highlights the emotional mass appeal of his works to mainstream audiences. His productions are multidisciplinary and multi-racial, and are true examples of Canadian multiculturalism.

Xing has also choreographed productions for his own company including such works as The Nutcracker Doll (2016), The Gate (2016), White (2008), Ink (2006), Farewell my Concubine (2005), Rice (2004), Journey to Tibet (2000), Hun (1999), Carmina Burana (1998), Silk Road (1994) and also has presented a series of production of The Nutcracker Ballet from 1994 to 2008.

Xing has been a guest choreographer for the Guangzhou Ballet since 1996. His works includes Return on a Snowy Night (2010), Mei Lang Fang (2008), Butterfly Lovers (2000), Giselle (1999), and The Yellow River (1998).

In 2001 Xing choreographed for the original Canadian opera The Iron Road for Tapestry New Opera. In 1993, Xing was the choreography consultant for the feature film M. Butterfly.



傅興邦,出生於中國廣東省廣州市,他是傑出的加拿大籍中國現代舞和芭蕾舞舞蹈家以及舞蹈編導。傅興邦在加拿大創立了奔騰舞匯劇團並出任藝術總監一職,其劇團是加拿大首個專業華人舞蹈團。1973年,傅興邦開始在廣州歌舞團接受京劇,中國芭蕾舞、民族舞及武術訓練。其後,他就讀北京舞蹈學院,在學院藝術進修的同時,他協助各種舞蹈編排工作並擔任舞蹈教練。 1982年,傅興邦加入了華盛頓芭蕾舞舞蹈學院擔任獨舞角色,並在世界各地巡演。



傅興邦創作的代表作品包括: 胡桃夾子娃娃》(2016), 《靈歌》(2016),《舞》(2015),《風雪夜歸人》(2010),《白》(2008)《梅蘭芳》(2008), 《墨》(2006),《霸王別》(2005),《米》(2004)《梁祝》(2000),《吉賽爾(1999), 《黃河》(1998)