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2004 - performed by the Xing Dance Theatre of Canada Coreography by Xing Bang Fu

Farewell My Concubine

Toronto premier of Xing Bang Fu’s" Farewell my Concubine" will be presented at the Betty Oliphant Theatre on April 16, Saturday. Fu’s "Farewell" is based on the life story of Mei Lang Fang, the most renown Peking Opera singer in the 20C, who has a reputation beyond...

Return on a Snowy Night

Reviewed by Paula Citron October 19, 2011 Return on a Snowy Night Guangzhou Ballet Choreographed by Xing Bang Fu Performed by Fu Shu, Wang Zhiwei, Huang Yi and Sun Xin Sony Centre Oct. 18, 2011 China’s Guangzhou Ballet, which was founded in 1994, has a formidable...